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Published October 17, 2017 by katee124

Feeling mentally exhausted at the moment.

Work is so full on. Everyone is stressy & grumpy. Its a really negative environment to be in at the moment. They’re all nuts as well with an agenda. 


Brave Girl

Published May 19, 2016 by katee124

This post is going to sound silly. What’s the definition of brave? Dealing with a difficult situation. I know some people have it worse off than me and I’m not taking anything away from anyone.

I have a real issue with driving. It brings up my anxiety and makes me want to panic. I’ve spent the last few years getting better but every so often, in a difficult situation it will occur again.

Today was that day. We’ve recently had to change where we park at work now as where we work has literally no spaces anywhere unless we want to pay. Who wants to pay for parking? No-one. Especially when you don’t earn that much money, you don’t want to waste it on things like that.

I found a new place ok. But it was going over two mini roundabouts put together which stressed me a little bit as you have to look at every direction and decide whether people think they know who has right of way, etc. Then going down two shallow roads and eventually found a place.

I hope my car is ok. I hope she’s not been keyed or scratched. I hope no-one has parked too closely to me so I can’t move my car. This is what is going round and round my head at the moment.

Along with managing two jobs which my manager still doesn’t seem to appreciate or understand how hard I’m working. I’m enjoying my new responsibilities and I’m not moaning about working hard but it’s important to be noticed.

I’m just not in a very good mood today. I’m hoping something or someone will change that.

Unlikely for that to happen at work, the more I think about it… the more people I’ve learnt to dislike. There’s still this girl situation who keeps bringing up that I’m having a secret affair with someone in her team. SERIOUSLY. Just stop.

Here’s hoping to something nice happening. Sorry for the grumps. Capture4