This week I’ve had a few little things bugging me so thought I’d write a list of them and help me forget about them.

  • Running out of money – why is everything so expensive? why is everyone after your money?
  • Doctor Receptionists – so unhelpful
  • Fuckboys – no explanation needed
  • Daredevil – the TV series I mean, the character has been a bit of an asshole this series
  • Allergies – been popping hayfever tablets all week
  • Personal space – work colleagues getting too close when updating the whiteboard which is right next to me
  • Anti-recyclists – certain people at work making silly rules to kill more trees
  • Feelings – feeling like a bad person for something that happened in the past
  • Fake friends – work colleagues in particular
  • Driving – massive insecurity for me
  • Brother – stop eating everything
  • Cat – so attention seeking

Feel better already 🙂


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