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I smell a rat

Published April 30, 2016 by katee124


I’m quite lucky. I have a big circle of friends who don’t have to see eachother all the time.

But it does mean there’s always drama.

One of the guys has recently got a new girlfriend and they’ve been together for a few months now.

We all went out for drinks back in February and I recently had a phone call asking if I remembered a conversation from that night with his girlfriend. Straight away I was like er what?

Apparently she’s upset with me and some of the other girls for talking about her boyfriend and showing off who he’s been.

1. What is she on about?
2. She started the conversation and asked questions
3. Why would we show off about him sleeping with others? We don’t care
4. This was nearly 3 months ago, why is she upset now?
5. Some of my friends accused weren’t even there

I think she’s playing a game.

She’s also organised him a surprise birthday lunch but hasn’t invited any of the girls.

It’s ridiculous. I love my friend but I definitely don’t love him in that way. She’s got nothing to worry about.

Not really sure what to do. She’s not really my friend but he is. Hmmm.


Who’s real?

Published April 29, 2016 by katee124


Back to one of my previous posts about who are your real friends? Still having a similar problem at work. I think maybe I’m too nice and think the best of people.

A girl who started a few months ago who started off being really nice, the sort of person who was going to become a quick close friend has recently started acting a bit off.

I have no idea why but she’s not coming to any social gatherings, not even coming to the pub on a Friday lunchtime which I know she loves doing. She’s isolating herself and chatting to everyone in our room except me. When I join in, she goes quiet.

A part of me thinks it is due to becoming friends with the new boy who’s in our team. But he’s friends with her too. I don’t really get it.

Without bragging I don’t think she has the best of lives. Her boyfriend doesn’t sound like a nice person. She’s in a lot of debt and isn’t overly confident in her job. But I still like her and I want to be her friend. But she doesn’t really seem that bothered. She just seems off and distant.

I’ve learnt this year that work friends are temporary most of the time so I guess I won’t be chasing for it and just leave it with her. So at least I’ve learnt something but still need to work on being wary and not so friendly with new people.

Baby steps 🙂


Published April 15, 2016 by katee124

This week I’ve had a few little things bugging me so thought I’d write a list of them and help me forget about them.

  • Running out of money – why is everything so expensive? why is everyone after your money?
  • Doctor Receptionists – so unhelpful
  • Fuckboys – no explanation needed
  • Daredevil – the TV series I mean, the character has been a bit of an asshole this series
  • Allergies – been popping hayfever tablets all week
  • Personal space – work colleagues getting too close when updating the whiteboard which is right next to me
  • Anti-recyclists – certain people at work making silly rules to kill more trees
  • Feelings – feeling like a bad person for something that happened in the past
  • Fake friends – work colleagues in particular
  • Driving – massive insecurity for me
  • Brother – stop eating everything
  • Cat – so attention seeking

Feel better already 🙂


Published April 7, 2016 by katee124


I needed this photo today.

Work has been tough lately. I’m taking on these new responsibilities and finding it difficult. I’m dealing with queries I have no idea how to do and am feeling all this pressure to impress and please. My head feels very heavy right now like I have an anchor attached to it.

Sometimes I just need a timeout.

Which is actually what I’m doing now. I’m at work, hiding in a meeting room and writing a blog post as this is what I have my blog for. To help empty my mental messy mind and deal with life.

I have about 4 hours left. I can do it.

It’s raining, I like the rain. Something about it seems very calming to me. It’s a shame I don’t sit near a window anymore but I can hear it.

I will do some exercise when I get home as that’s a great way to feel better about yourself as you release some happy endorphins.  I’m also listening to some band called 5 Seconds of Summer who I’m seeing live tomorrow night. Hope they will be good. I love a boyband.

I can do this. I can hold on for another 4 hours and not have a breakdown. I think.

Just breathe, don’t react. It’s a bad day, not a bad life. I’m ok. I’ve got this 🙂