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Holding on

Published March 15, 2016 by katee124


I love Peter Pan. Hence the photo above. It’s been my favourite film since I was a little girl. It just makes me really happy. I’ll be watching it a bit later to cheer myself up as I’ve had a bit of a shitty day.

The lady who’s job I’m taking over in the next month or so was off ill today so I had to deal with all this new stuff on my own which I still don’t really know how to do. It was not fun. The worst part was that the people I asked for help who are suppose to be my colleagues were just really unhelpful. Acting as if I should know it by now but I’ve only been training for 3 weeks and haven’t been taught every bit of the job yet. Give us a break.

Even two of my so called closer colleagues made the situation worse by not listening to my side of things and making my job harder. Really have had enough of some of these people. But the people I do like, I really like.

As it says at the top, “think a happy little thought”….

I had a nice manicure today at a different place on my lunch break. Was only £12 which is always good, love a bargain! Thought the lady did a pretty good job too. I know where to go if I ever fancy a little treat at work!

Been helping out another colleague today too who seems to actually appreciate it which is great. I like helping people but it sucks when they don’t appreciate it, especially if I’m going out of my way and doing someone’s job for them.

Back to happy little thoughts…

Going to watch Peter Pan in bed tonight, hoping to have a nice bubble bath and maybe cook a super healthy dinner so I can treat myself to a creme egg.

It’s a bad day, not a bad life. Hopefully tomorrow will be better 🙂




Keep Going

Published March 10, 2016 by katee124


Been feeling quite poorly this week. Got a horrible headache, body is aching and just feel meh. But have I taken any time off work? No I have not…..

I use to be quite flaky with time off. A slight headache and I was out. I’m naturally quite pale so if I just stop talking and become quiet, everyone thinks I’m ill. Nice little trick I learnt when I was little 😉

A part of me wants to go and be in bed watching some nice TV but I have a responsibility to be at work. I’m still training for my new role and I only had time off for being ill quite recently so it looks bad if I do it again. For once – I don’t want to get in trouble so I’ll just have to keep going.

Proud of myself for fighting the germs instead of letting them win. May have had a cheeky dominoes last night to help out though 😉 broke my lent which was to give up takeaways but I’ll get back on it and give it up for longer…. or at least try!


Published March 3, 2016 by katee124


I love this photo. It’s very cute but real. Big scary lions were once cute little kittens.

It’s the same with human beginnings too. We were once babies, children, teenagers before we got to adulthood. Not saying we are scary (some definitely are!)

I’ve recently been given more responsibility at work, when I say responsibility I mean I’ve been given another department to look after which is great because it means they must like me enough and trust me enough to do this.

Taking on new bits on top of current stuff slowly and doing more. I really do feel like I’m bettering myself if that’s a thing. For awhile I’ve been thinking “oh I’m not valued enough here” or “I work hard and no-one notices” or “I’m being taken for a mug here”

Which is a normal thing to feel after you’ve been in the same job for a few years and I was starting to look elsewhere when this opportunity lands on my lap.

I’ll be even busier than usual and hopefully will be valued a bit more. I may be young but I’m not an idiot. There are definitely a few people at my work who because they’re older, think they know better than me. Ageist grannies.

I’m not saying I know everything because I definitely don’t and I still have lots to learn but some of the stuff I do actually know. My manager told me in my last review that I should stand up for myself if I think I’m right but it’s sods law the one time you do it and you’re actually wrong… that worries me.

But yeah, work is getting a bit better at the moment. I’m not hanging around with some of the people who use to bring me down. I’m feeling a lot happier but also tired. You never really notice how tiring learning and concentrating can actually be!

Onwards and upwards to an improved me with new skills 🙂


Published March 1, 2016 by katee124


I’m 23. I’m 23 years old. I’m getting on a bit…

I had such a good birthday. It started on the Friday (actual birthday was on Saturday). I had a pub lunch with some colleagues which was great. The pub we go to is less than 2 mins away walking wise and they do great chicken goujons. I like anything such as chicken goujons, chicken nuggets, chicken dippers, you name it. I LOVE them.

There was a bit of peer pressure to finish my vodka & coke but as the last one was my second, I did not. I still had an afternoon of work to do and didn’t want to get into trouble. Just not worth it. I took the disapproval from my peers and moved on.

That evening I went home, had a shower to freshen up and put some heels on to get ready for a night out. My boyfriend turned up with some lovely white roses. He’s good to me. He looked good to. My friend then picked us up and took us back into the same town that I work in.

We went to a place called the Slug & Lettuce. I go there every year for my birthday, it’s become a little tradition. 2 4 1 cocktails & desserts. You can’t go wrong really.

As it was my birthday, we got a free bottle of prosecco which was great! Few bubbles to start off the night! This ended up with another bottle and a few cocktails. There was food though! I had a main meal called Smothered Chicken which is basically chicken,  bacon, bbq sauce with chips & peas. It’s so so good and I get it every time.

There was also pudding. I had chocolate puddle which is warm chocolate cake with ice cream. Yum yum yum.

Once we had paid the bill, a few people from work decided to turn up which was ok. I wasn’t overly keen as I don’t usually mix work friends with outside friends but it wasn’t terrible. It was just slightly awkward. I didn’t let this ruin the night though.

Next day was my birthday and at first, woke up at 8:30am which is very unlike me without a hangover which was great! Woke my boyfriend up so I could open my presents. I’m a big kid really.

Had bacon & cheese baguettes for breakfast, also very yum. Then to the most important bit, PRESENTS! 

I had so many! From candles to nail varnishes to body butters to earrings to charms for my pandora bracelet to peter pan jumpers to gym accessories. You get the picture. I was spoilt rotten!

After present opening, we headed into London. This is when my hangover started to appear. Not so good… went straight to a train station coffee shop to grab a caramel latte and a water for emergencies.

As soon as we got into London, we did a bit of shopping. Bought some cool Harry Potter shirts, massive fangirl but it was in Primark and it would be rude not to. Also got some PJ shorts which I actually need.

We then went to Burger King and ordered 2 XXL double bacon cheese burgers and oh my god, it was so good. I love Burger King… yum.

After that, feeling a bit full we walked to the CREME EGG CAFE

We had a 40 minute wait queuing which was fun. I was hoping it would make me feel less full so I could enjoy it a bit more. We got interviewed by a French radio though which was quite cool. Never thought I’d get to talk about creme eggs so much in 10 mins. Once we were inside you had a choice of takeaway, restaurant or ball pit. We didn’t have much time left as we had to be home for a family takeaway by a certain time so we went for the takeaway.

We ordered two creme egg toasties which is literally melted creme eggs in toasted bread. IT WAS AMAZING. So worth the 40 minute wait even if I did feel a bit sick from the BK still…

After getting the train home, we were ordered by my mum to go to our local Chinese takeaway to pick up our order. That’s right. Burger King, Creme Egg toastie and now a Chinese…. by the end of this, I felt like the size of a house. There was also Millie’s Cookie Cake…..

Overall, I had a great birthday weekend. My family, friends and boyfriend didn’t let me down and spoilt me rotten. Feeling lots of love ❤