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The end

Published February 29, 2016 by katee124


Isn’t it a shame when someone you use to hold close to your heart tries to ruin your day?

I am not close with this person anymore due to them pushing me away with their insecurities, annoying habits and psycho mannerisms.

You don’t own me. You don’t control me.

I went out for a meal on Friday with my friends outside of work and it was lovely. Suddenly my work friends turned up which I didn’t mean to happen but it made me apprehensive as my work friends and out of work friends don’t usually mix.

It started out ok but one person in particular was only there to try and ruin the evening for me. Bonus – he managed to upset his brother as well and my boyfriend.

First of all, it was my meal but didn’t even get a hello as they sat down.

Second, they start flirting with my best friend RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME but still doesn’t say more than two words to me when my friend was chatting to me. The worst part is that he was trying to hurt me by doing this. It didn’t. It just made me think “wow, that’s what kind of a guy you are. Definitely made the right decision to steer clear”.

He upset his brother by this as his  brother has a HUGE crush on my friend so him flirting with her upset him instead of me which is probably not what he had in mind for his plan. If he had a plan. I’m not sure he really was thinking this through.

Then, it was my birthday on Saturday but he doesn’t even send me a happy birthday message… he knows how much my birthday means to me. STOP PLAYING GAMES.


I’m done.



Keyboard Warrior

Published February 23, 2016 by katee124


The above photo is my desktop background at work. Yes, at work.

It’s a lovely reminder to not let stupid people ruin my day.

I’ll admit, I’m easily wound up or I can get upset over little things. E.g. today I got an email from our work’s health insurance provider. They were not very nice but I bet if they were on their phone, they would of been fine.

I was claiming money back for a hot stone massage under our Health & Wellbeing scheme which is usually fine. I have plenty of my limit yet and I’ve had different massages at this place before. I got an email today saying the beauty therapist that gave me a massage didn’t have the right qualifications and that they shouldn’t be providing me with my moneyback. They have – which is great and I shouldn’t complain…

But, I don’t understand. Surely as long as they have some sort of qualification and the fact they work at a health and beauty spa salon place proves that they know what they’re doing no? I don’t get why it’s only some qualifications.

To say the least, the email upset me.

But it shouldn’t of because they were just informing me for future reference to be more careful and most importantly, they’re still paying me the £50 back which will be nice.

It was just a surprise I guess. Caught me off guard. The email was worded oh so professionally and stuck up that I have in my ind that the person is a middle-aged lady who’s jealous that she didn’t have a hot stone massage and is generally unhappy with life.

Hey ho – don’t let idiots ruin your day. It’s usually people from the workplace, nice change for it to be someone externally!


Published February 22, 2016 by katee124


This is very true. I’m thinking about this quote as I move desks at work today.

I have been at my current work now for 2 years, 2 months and 2 weeks which is the longest I’ve ever been.

I like my current desk a lot. I can see the whole room. I’m in the corner at the back so no-one can see my screen and I’m near a window so I can daydream and watch the world go by when I need a minute. I’m also near a tree.

My new desk is still in a corner but I’m facing a wall instead of seeing people enter the room. I’m not near a window or a tree. Everyone can see my screen as well which is not good when you’re on a 5 minute break or trying to write on your secret blog.

But I like butterflies and if we didn’t change, we wouldn’t be like butterflies. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway to get through this change.

A lot of change is going on at the moment. Desks, job role is expanding, friendships are ending and starting. Just remember that if we don’t change, we can’t become butterflies 🙂



Published February 17, 2016 by katee124


This is something to remember everyday. Do not waste time being angry.

I would say I can be quite an aggressive person at times. I do like a fight but don’t go looking for one. I have a very quick temper too.

One of my New Year Resolutions was to become less aggressive. I don’t even mean to come across like that sometimes. So I’m hoping this quote will stick. I should not waste time being angry when the most important thing to me is being happy and healthy.

As the film Frozen would say, let it go…. (can’t believe I just wrote that!)


Friend or Foe

Published February 16, 2016 by katee124


How do we know if we really mean something to someone?

I know I’ve mentioned it a lot but work friends in particular. Some seem to stick which is great and the ones that I thought would have dropped themselves. I don’t even know how this happened.

How can we go from being so close and interment to being complete strangers and not talking at all? Especially when there’s been no big event or drama to have caused this. It’s called drifting and it just happens without any reason at all.

It’s all so confusing.

I saw the saying above earlier and it really hit home. It’s so true. How many people do you know that you would really classify as friends? I mean friends stand for:

F – Fight for you

R – Respect you

I – Include you

E – Encourage you

N – Need you

D – Deserve you

S – Stand by you

There are loads of labels for lots of different kinds of people such as someone could be an acquaintance who’s friendly and nice enough but isn’t to be relied on. Or my new definition of “work friend” is someone you hang out with or chat to but only because you work with them and see them everyday without choice.

If one of you left, would you still be friends? That is the decision breaker.

Who cares?

Published February 10, 2016 by katee124

It’s a sad feeling when you’re not sure who cares about you anymore.

Maybe I’m being overdramatic, probably but that’s just how I feel.

I know my family and my boyfriend love and care for me. Which is important.

My friends I’m not always so sure. My best friend I never see is super busy but I know their under pressure with their job and life.

Twins and another friend I still see care enough. Which is nice but that seems to be all I have.

I need to realise that certain work friends are not healthy for me. They keep bringing me down and driving me insane.