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Published August 11, 2015 by katee124

Haven’t written on here in awhile. I guess I haven’t needed it as I’ve been good. 

Feeling a bit panicky at the moment. I’m going camping next week which I’m happy to do but it requires so much organisation. 

I’m driving there which is about a 4 hour drive which is fine. Trying to pick a time to leave is impossible as no one is responding to me. Can they leave work early? Are they leaving their car on my drive, etc……

People suck. I get that not everyone is glued to their phone but these people are! I’m doing them a favour by driving them, least they could do is reply…. 


A colleague did say something wise. Give yourself the control, you’re the driver. You tell them when we’re leaving. Plan. 

It’s til next week. Need to focus on relaxing.